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Optimizing your IT infrastructure frees up time and resources that can go toward transforming your business. Microsoft is committing to helping you get there. We are introducing Azure Database Migration Service (DMS) as a new unified migration tooling experience to migrate on-premise and cloud database engines to Azure Data Platform, streamlining the data and application migration initiatives in your organization.

DMS currently supports different on-premise database types to different targets in Azure. For the most recent supported source and target list, please refer here - We are constantly adding new database engines as supported sources to migrate to Azure Data Platform. For example, we are actively working on the following migration scenarios, which are currently being offered in limited preview:

If you are interested in migrating database workload to Azure Data Platform, please sign up on the limited preview offering here, we will contact you for the next steps.

Limited Preview benefits

  • Early access to new investments
  • Opportunities to provide feedback directly to the Azure Database Migration Service engineering team
  • Collaborative support from our engineering team during the preview period

To sign up for the Azure Database Migration Service limited preview, please fill out this form.

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